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why choose delight cosmetics?

We are an Aunt (Wendy) and niece (Jessie) owned and operated cosmetics company based in Hamilton, Ontario and we take great pride in treating our customers like family.


Some of our favourite memories are of us exploring new makeup products and testing different looks on each other.  Not to say that all of our looks weren't cover-shot worthy, LOL, but we had tons of fun nonetheless!  Who could forget Jessie's goth phase or my failed attempts at Pamela Anderson's sexy, smoky eye.

Our products are made right here, in Canada, with the highest quality of ingredients.  With you in mind, we've made sure that they are vegan, paraben and talc free.  To read more on what that means, please click HERE to view our INGREDIENT FAQ page.

No order is too small or too large for us and we really enjoy hearing from you.

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