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Face Washing - Be Kind to Your Skin

Do you want to simplify your morning face care routine and be kind to your skin? We can all benefit from that!

During the night our skin produces oil to help repair our skin from the daily assault of air pollutants and irritants. As long as you have washed your face thoroughly before going to bed there is no need to wash with a cleanser the following morning. You want to retain some of that good oil that your body has produced. If you have extra oily skin then water and a wash cloth may not cut it and you may have to use a cleanser but lucky you..... oily skin when you are younger mean less fine lines as you age!!

Another reason for using just water in the morning is that if you have applied serums and moisturizers the night prior you can keep them working for you by not removing them with a cleanser. It's good get to every last working moment out of your products.

Let's get "washing"..... Soak a wash cloth in hot water (as hot as you can handle, not piping hot!) then gently press against your face and slowly wipe away any icky eye goop and excess facial oils. You will be surprised at how soft and refreshed your skin feels. It is very invigorating!

Let us know if you have tried this and what you think.

Have a happy day.

- Jessie and Wendy


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